About the Farm: 

Wild Moon Flowers is a 1/4 acre flower farm and design studio located in Santa Cruz, California. We are committed to growing organic, local flowers to help combat the environmental and health hazards of the global flower industry. Any flowers that we do not grow ourselves we source from other local organic farms in the area. 

Meet Caroline:

Caroline began farming organically in 2013 on the island of Maui. Realizing this was her passion, she returned to her roots in Santa Cruz and trained in the legendary UCSC Farm and Garden Apprentice Program. She became enamored of flower growing and arranging in particular. As the daughter of a gardener and an artist, this was destiny.

When she is not working with flowers, Caroline is working in Watsonville  teaching nutrition and gardening to elementary school children. 

Our Design Aesthetic: 

These are not your typical FTD bouquets. We create graceful arrangements which balance wild beauty and refined elegance. A bouquet might include foxgloves, cosmos, and dahlias alongside raspberry and scented geranium foliage. Color, texture, and form all play a role in our designs. It is inspiring to to have new plants to work with as the seasons change.